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2023 Oct 18th Release Notes


See the Highlights HERE

Flexible Geo Location Management

  • Manage Flexible Safe Location Rules (Geolocation, country, ISP, IP)

  • Multi-Tenant Compound safe locations

  • Set a location for a user/group in a time frame

  • Add ISP/ASN allow list

  • Named regions

  • Update IP-safe regions to include masks


  • Transport rule Automatic Forwarding - Block

  • CA Policy - Restrict Access to the Azure AD portal through CA Policy

  • CA Policy - Compliant or hybrid Azure AD joined device for admins

  • CA Policy - Require approved client apps and app protection

  • CA Policy - Application enforced restrictions - unmanaged devices

  • CA Policy - Secure registration of security info

  • CA Policy - MFA for risky sign-ins with exceptions

Baseline Capabilities

  • Baseline CSV Export Version one

  • Baseline CSV Export Version two

  • Update Wording on Mail AutoForwarding Baseline

  • Baselines Search

  • Override fields marked in the template

User Management and Onboarding

  • User Onboarding V1

MFA Risk Analyser to include all CA policies on the tenant (not just the ones to which a baseline is attached)


Tenants Dashboard CSV

Bug Fixes

  • DKIM Signing for Default Domain does not remediate

  • Multi-remediation exceptions

  • Review and patch inbox rule risk characterizer

  • Shared Mailboxes Risk Error

  • Performance Bug on baselines blocking multiple remediations in some instances

  • Category Sorter Does not work

  • Export Tenant CSV

  • Deviated Baselines issue

  • Detect Events - events details not listing?

  • Block Legacy Authentication error

  • Block Legacy auth doesn't work for some tenants

  • Access Controls Broken in some instances

  • A Few Tenants Not Onboarding

  • PSA tenant mapping bug

  • Trial expiration issue